Rainbow Riches Slot Bonus

Players all around the United Kingdom should be familiar with the many Irish-oriented slots on the market but some of them stand out from the competitive crowd. Such an example is the Barcrest powered marvel – Rainbow Riches Slot. With an exciting leprechaun-filled theme, 5 reels, and the whopping 20 paylines, the slot has become a top pick for both newcomers and seasoned gamblers. Rainbows will follow you around in the search of the countless pots of gold, as coins jump around the screen. Many of us have seen the Barcrest machines in pubs and chip shops around the UK, and now we can enjoy playing them in a fully-online version!

It may be Internet-dependent but the Rainbow Riches Slot has managed to keep some of the arcade fruit elements from the past. In a way, it is a combination of the good old times and the bright future of all eligible casino slots. The Irish party consists of the 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols, alongside the bonus ones – the leprechaun, the pot of gold, and the wishing well. Oh, and let’s not forget the infamous gold Coin and the Rainbow Riches logo itself.

The slot’s launch dates back to 2005 and consistently places in the top lists of online spins since then. The RTP (return-to-player) percentage is 95%, and while the basic jackpot if 500 coins may not be the highest you’ve seen, there is much more up for grabs with this Irish gold mine. We will discuss its four main bonus features a bit later in the article, and, boy, are they a treat!

How to Play Rainbow Riches Slot Bonus

A 20-payline slot can be frustrating if a player is not familiar with the game, we admit it. Because of that, one should always check their bet limits accordingly. You can adjust the number of played lines to avoid overextending bets while keeping it simple. Of course, our advice is to go for the large numbers, as wins are way more noticeable once the highest setting is in place. The Stake Line buttons (+/-) are used to variate the coin’s value from 0.01 to 20, and then we have the Spin button. A simple gentle click allows for the rainbow kingdom to open up and present users with its gifts. All you need is a little bit of luck, and the leprechauns are just the right booster to get it.

As expected, there is an AutoPlay button to ease those long gambling hours with an automated spin & collect tactic. Let’s face it, we don’t always have the needed time to dive into an all-nighter, but that shouldn’t stop us from succeeding in the chase for the end of the rainbow. We have heard that the surroundings there are quite astonishing but we will patiently wait for another opinion. To be sure how to get to the finish line before us, check the Paytable option – it gives detailed information about winning combos and full game rules.

Features and Bonuses

Casino games developers always compete to surpass their rivals with ultimate bonuses and promotions for all players. It is understandable, as the slots universe is overflowing with quality gaming content, and it can be really hard to choose a favorite among all the reel madness. We can’t speak for everyone but the sneak peek into the Rainbow Riches slot bonuses world looks quite promising.

Road to Riches

Using the scattering Leprechaun Symbol, a player can unlock an in-game screen with added winning possibilities. Once you manage to hit three of those anywhere on any row, a gate to Dreamland opens up. There, we can clearly see a huge Wheel of Fortune with spinning multipliers. Aligned in increasing order, they are able to up the profits of a single spin by an immense amount.

Once in the Land, just click the Spin button and collect an enhancer between 1 and 6. This moves the cursor the same number of positions along the Wheel, and a Re-Spin option activates. Hit it again, and the final value will be immediately applied to the total wager of the spin. Once again, do the comparison – minimal bet versus maximum bet, and it will become Irish-clear that playing big always pays more than one can wish for.

Wishing Well

The historic wishing wells pop up from time to time but they try to avoid being seen in groups. This, of course, shouldn’t slow users down, as it is enough to catch them even a single time. Behind each of the three gathered wells lies a multiplier amount. Choose one of them at random (or think about it for a bit, and then follow your gut), and it will reveal how many times the bet evolves. These kind of popular slots aren’t familiar with tricking you with a 1x booster too often but it doesn’t hurt to cross your fingers while doing it.

Wild, Wild Coins

The symbol of fortune and well-being, the great golden Coin can replace any combo-symbol except the special ones (all of them mentioned in the other bonuses in this section). This sounds like a great little helper but it is far from its optimal form. If someone succeeds in aligning 3 Wild symbols, they form a winning burst on their own, and reaching 5 in a line, a 10000x profit explodes into colorful exaltation. Yes, a potential win of £200,000 is entirely possible!

Pots of Gold

Finally, we arrive at the sneaky Pots of Gold. Everyone has heard the stories, and we are well aware that the jumpy green guys guard them extremely efficient. However, landing three Pots of Gold on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel triggers a bonus game. Gamblers have to chase the leprechaun standing on a giant rock and once they catch him, one of a dozen shiny pots will be in their hands. Again, it turns into an X-times boost to the overall stake with a max value of 500x which can still be a remarkable increase in your bankroll!

Winning Options and Tricks

This topic has been discussed infinite times over the years, and we have been a part of it not once or twice. Some players think that they can beat the system, hack it, or code it but it isn’t that easy. To be proficient at an online slot, you need the hours. Think of it as the way to contribute to its nature, and to “pay” for the eventual enormous hit at the end. While some lucky clickers can claim a life-changing sum on their first ten spins, for all of us, common users, a waiting period is a constant.

While we can’t grant you the 100%-winning strategy, there are a number of tips that can help every player reach a more desirable gambling state. The first thing to consider while picking up any online slot is the rules, the gameplay, and the winning options. Study the 20-payline combinations until you have memorized them by heart. Otherwise, there is always the risk of missing a pattern right inside the wishing well.

This said, patterns are an important part of every experienced gambler’s game book. The Wild Coin has appeared in the bottom of the second reel for five spins in a row? Make sure to stop the spin manually when it shows up on the bottom of the first one – this acts as a set piece towards Exodia, and can slowly but steadily build up bigger combos.

The machine has its own replication of a virtual mind, and one can’t always play with it expecting a sure win. Despite that, studying the reel movement and pinpointing the major hit-squares for certain symbols can turn into a revealed hand, showing the way to Irish treats. However, even a master at tracking symbol movement can get carried away, so always keep an eye on your bankroll, and try not to exceed it. Why invest more when a straightforward bankroll management can act as the wall between you and failure?

Rainbow Riches Mobile

If there is anything that gets close to pouring a fresh glass of beer after a tiring day, we would choose winning on a slot on your way over to the pub as a viable contender. Barcrest, the creator of the popular Rainbow Riches slot, are all up for bringing online casino play to as many platforms as they can. With a mobile-friendly game server, you wouldn’t feel any drawbacks in comparison with the desktop version of the slot. The partnership with SG Interactive counts only as a plus while mobile play here is available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Where to Play Rainbow Riches Slot?

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